General Rules and Regulations:

  • All students are accountable to the principal for their conduct in college.
  • ┬áSending up of Candidates to University Examination or Primary Board Examination depend on the results of Test Examination held by the college. It should, however be noted that besides the result of Test Examination ,students general conduct, regularity and punctuality in classes and attendance in celebrating days organized by the college will be considered before allowing him/her to sit for the Final Examination .
  • Attendance of Students at Prayer Assemble is obligatory.
  • Each Students should have their college uniform, Sports Uniform & Identity Card.
  • To become eligible for appearing the Final Examination students should fulfil the following norms..
  • They should keep at least 80% attendance in theoretical classes and 90% attendance in practical activities.
  • Students having less than 50% classes shall be considered non-collegiate.
  • Candidates declared non-collegiate may be allowed to fill in examination forms on payment of requisite non-collegiate fees.