Life is a ceaseless exodus in pursuit of perfection. Education serves as the steadfast beacon in this journey. Thereby teachers are considered as the harbingers of tomorrow. This in turn makes the art of rendering instructions a comprehensively professional skill which requires appropriate training. As the Principal of Amdanga Adarsha Teachers’ Training College , I express my heartfelt pleasure in attesting the institution’s singular sincerity in preparing the future mentors .In 2017 , the honourable M.L.A. of Amdanga ,Mr. Rafikur Rahaman graced the opening ceremony with his august presence .Eminent Professor , Dr.Kananbehari Goswami also illuminated the event with his erudite appearance . Both the B.Ed. and D.El.Ed batches registered the desire strength and they were expertly nurtured by thirty two full time professors and three guest lecturers. Our first semester result (B.Ed.) is a perfect manifestation of the excellent synergy with all the students scoring First Class and above. The affable office staff and the infrastructural excellence also play stellar role in this success. Furthermore the empathetic Management and their relentless dedication has also created a unique ambience which effortlessly bring out the best .After a long and immensely satisfying career in education , their zeal has rejuvenated me thoroughly and retrieved my enthusiasm with a bang .

This institution earnestly propagates that a teacher is an omnibus entity .Our instructional singularity thus harps on the all – encompassing attributes of teaching –learning which seamlessly extends beyond the four-walls and merges with life itself.

The valedictory bells also serve as a fresh beckoning. The present batch is at such a unique threshold. I profusely praise their animated sincerity and avidly hope that they will harbour fond memories about the faculty, teaching – learning exchanges along with the cultural conclaves. As and when they essay their role as teachers, the essence of our guidance will surely provide them sterling support. Let the society garner a golden harvest from their endeavour.

I wish from the core of my heart that the college will flourish, prosper and retain its name and fame for years to come.

Amdanga Adarsha Teachers’ Training College